The Quijada


The traditional Mexican music has multiple expressions, according to different regions. In Michoacan,  Los Cenzontles are a group of traditional music purepecha. They have played their music around the world. They interpretative songs are of love, and heartbreak. the “Pirecuas” are specially beautiful, and the “sones”, and “jaranas” too. They play popular instruments such as: guitar of the son, and guitar guapanguera, violin, vihuela, guitarron, harp. Also, they make new musical instruments with diverse materials such as animal bones, rocks, and seeds. The wonderful songs such as “Tell small bird” “Fly little bird”  and the Tilanguero expresses the passion for their homeland. 




Photo: Two kayakers in a covePhoto: A pyramid beneath sunburst clouds

Mexico is a historic and wonderful country. I invite you to  visit it. It has everything for everybody. If you like history, archaeology, and diversity expressions cultures you have to go to Mexico, and to travel in the world of past history in the  pyramids of the mysterious Maya, Azteca o Zapoteca Culture. Also, you can go to travel to Tarahumara Land, in Chihuahua where you can live in the present authentic culture. The culture has not changed ever. But, If you like fun on the beach , you can go to Cancun, the Mayan Riviera  at Quintana Roo. O  You go to Cabo San Lucas in Baja California Sur where the beaches are specially great. 

Travel to Rocky Mountains


Last weekend We went to The Rocky Mountains. This adventure started in Moraine Lake. It was raining, but we enjoyed it. I found a small beautiful tree growing on rock, and I took a picture. I believed It was wonderful. After we arrived at  Lake Louise It was a beautiful scenery. I was walking along the lake, and I took pictures of various flowers of multiples colors. People can row on the boats. Next, I arrived at Johnston Canyon. Here  We could see the wonderful falls. When We arrived in Banff, It was continuously raining. I went to the Park museum, and the Indian Trading Post. Also, I was enjoying to see the shops, and the diversity of tourists. On Sunday we went to Icefield. It was a wonderful landscape. I invite you to visit this beautiful piece of land in Canada. It is Amazing!.

I like food

I like Mexican food because it is diversity, creative, and delicious food. In Mexico, there are many regions and each one has a different expression, and cultures. Food is one. In North country  the meals are specially  good, for example the sirloin, and arrachera. Mexico is between two oceans, and for that reason It has many products of sea.  You can dine very well in La Paz  Baja California a delicious lobster. In the south the seafood is wonderful, and each province has traditional food.  In Veracruz you can eat “fish to veracruzana” .  In Campeche you must taste the big  shrimps.  In Yucatan the people cook  “mestiza food” such as: Soup of lime, Cochinita pibil, Papapzules.